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Baby Goats 8 - Soaps Zero

Could there be a better time on the farm than kidding season? I think our two daughters and I have spent hours over the past few days over at the barn watching the beautiful miracle of life take place. Most nights for the past two weeks have seen us setting alarms and checking on the goats at intervals throughout the night. Flashlight in hand we have stumbled out of our warm beds, donned our barn clothes and boots and made the trek across the yard to see if any progress has been made. Yet, even after several nightly visits, all of our does this far, have actually kidded in the afternoon, which has been rather nice to say the least. It all began on Good Friday afternoon, when Faun our first doe to kid this year went into labor. Our eldest daughter had gone over to check the goats and I knew as soon as the telephone rang that I needed to get ready. Putting on my barn clothes (several layers as the day was not warm) and grabbing a towel I dashed across. Here is her beautiful buckling Ferdinand. She is a very attentive mother and all are doing well.

Not to be outdone, just as Faun was finishing up, Georgia decided it was her turn and she gave us Gandalf, Gilly, and Gracie. Needless to say, part of our family did not make it to the Good Friday service that night.

Our soap production came to an almost stand still as we found ourselves over at the barn. We were bundled up and laying in the hay trying to make sure that the newest little arrivals were latching on and suckling, before we felt confident enough to leave them with mum.

Next to kid was Alice quickly followed by Cherrie. Both of whom are first time mums and are doing absolutely great. So yes, the last few days have definitely been eventful here on the farm. As always, as our little ones find their feet and begin hopping and jumping around, we will be posting videos. They really are very cute to watch and are sure to put a smile on your face.

As we catch up on soap orders and continue to make our soaps and lotions, we eagerly await more arrivals from three more does. We will keep you posted!

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