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To all our customers and friends we would like to wish you all the best wishes as we travel through 2022.

The web site has been running for six months now, and we would like to take this opportunity to invite you to register as "members" of Farm on the Hill.

This will allow you to register your card details, for easier checkout, and also give you a helpful record of your past orders, amongst other useful things.

This service is provided by WIX. All you need do is to "log in" and register your email address, via the button on the top of the home page.

I have put this out as a blog post, because there was some confusion regarding the use of the Wix Spaces App. It appears that there is a difference between the use of the "member's area" and Wix Spaces.

It is to the members area that we invite you to join; so please ignore the email inviting you to join Wix Spaces.



for Farm on the Hill, Hume.

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