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Surprise on the Farm!

We took farm sitting to a whole new level this week. Thankfully we have a family that we love whom we are able to switch farm sitting with. About two weeks before we were due to head out, I noticed that one of our doe's udders was looking rather full. You see we had brought a new herd onto the farm this year, and when we first brought them onto the farm, we kept them quarantined for a few weeks. To enable us to do this we had to put the buck in with them. I was 99.9% sure that no one was in heat! Well, as you can see by the evidence to the left, I was wrong! I promptly told our good friend that there maybe a couple of surprises while we were gone, and boy was I right this time, two does kidded whilst we were away. We came home two four beautiful/handsome little babies. This is the part of farming I love, and it certainly made coming home all the sweeter. I promise to post some better pictures over the next few days, but as you can see, they are all doing well. Both does are first time fresheners and have taken to motherhood very well. The babies are beautiful, blue eyed with some fantastic coloring, and above all they are happy, healthy and inquisitive little things. I personally wouldn't have chosen to kid at this time of year, but thankfully we have a warm, snug barn to keep them out of the weather and well, they are such a joy.

A big shout out to our friends for allowing us to enjoy the beauty of some different surroundings, whilst you held down the homestead.

As mentioned, we promise to post some more photos and introduce you to the babies over the next few days. I'll also post a couple of videos as they get more active and start hopping and jumping all over the place. There's nothing quite so entertaining as Nigerian Dwarf baby goats to start your week off right.

Just in case you are wondering, it is our beautiful herd of Nigerian Dwarf goats that contribute so fully to our goat milk lotions and soaps. You'll find we have some neat Christmas gift sets available and our winter fragrances are now available to purchase through the store. Just click on our shop and there will be links to the different items available.

Thanks again and keep an eye on our site for more cute baby goat photos to come.

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