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Escapee Goats & Teary Eyed Mums

This past year on the farm has probably been one of my hardest. We've said, 'goodbye' to some of our old-time favorites as we have had a couple of losses, and just these past few weeks have seen our farm become a smorgasbord of yummyness for predators to the poultry world.

This weekend is going to be a tough one on the farm, and just this evening as we made our way across to the barn to do evening chores, I felt a certain sadness. Then as our youngest son helped me corral our six little bucklings out to give them their evening ration of grain, one of the does decided this was a far better idea than the pasture she was currently munching on. She sneaked her way around the gate and out to join the little ones. 'Not such a big deal', I hear you say. Well to this farm weary Mum, it was. I immediately began to say in rather elevated tones, that someone needed to help me get her back behind the gate. After several failed attempts, because believe it or not, Nigerian Dwarf goats can be quite stubborn when they want to be, we finally got her back behind the gate. Much to my youngest son's amazement I then promptly burst into tears. You see this Saturday our older does are moving on to greener pastures. To live out the remainder of their lives in peace and quiet, happily munching green grass in a new retirement home. I'm sad. We love our animals dearly and treat them as such. Warm water in the winter, fresh lushess green grass in the summer, minerals and baking soda to their hearts delight, grain while milking, and treats.... well just because we do! I know the home where they are going sounds like an ideal for them and that they will be well cared for, but it doesn't make the ache any less.

Just a few days ago we were introduced to some new does and a handsome buck. They have come to join our herd here at Farm On The Hill. A lovely group of goats that I look forward to introducing you to over the next few months, but first I'm going to enjoy the last few days I have with our oldest members. Hug them a little tighter (because believe it or not it is quite therapeutic to hug a goat!), give them neck rubs a little longer, and remember with fondness all that they have given to our family here on the farm.

Sometimes I wonder if I'm cut out for the farm life. A British lass from the seaside, with a love for all things fairy tale.... happy endings and love ever after. A world where sickness does not overwhelm, love never fails, and animals never get sick and die. I know, I know, unrealistic here on this side of heaven, but a girl can dream, and well this farm girl does.

I'm trying to also embrace some of the new things we are doing on the farm this year as we have welcomed in our new Kune Kune members; Kevin, Sonny, Curby, Genevieve, & Sally Mae. As we attempt to change my black thumb into a green thumb as we hopefully watch a flourishing vegetable garden grow out of nothing! All things to embrace as we look forward to a better year on the farm this 2022 season.

I'll keep you posted, and don't mind me if there maybe a few tear stains on the pages as we move forward. Here's to goodbyes and embraces!

If you would like to know a little more of what we do with our goat milk, head on over to our shop and take a look, and if you've never tried goat milk soap and lotion.... well.... you just don't know what your skin is missing out on!

Thanks for taking this journey with us, the good, the bad, the ugly, and the happy.

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