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Fall is in the Air.... Winter is ..... just around the corner

Thank you to those of you that have reached out to us commenting on our new fall fragrances; Apple Orchard and Pumpkin Pie. They certainly do bring us right to the season we are entering with the warm and fragrant scents of apples, and of course the ever popular pumpkin pie. Fall is one of my favorite seasons. Here in Western New York it tends to be less wet than spring (which sometimes we seem to skip right over) and yet not stiflingly hot like our summers can sometimes be. And oh the colors...... what can I say about the beautiful colors as the tree leaves change. Well these two fragrances will definitely draw your senses in to autumn.

But..... I must be honest with you as I write this..... tonight as my youngest ones crept into bed I took myself off to begin compiling our (I'm sorry plug your ears if you're not ready to hear this) winter / Christmas fragrances. You see soaps take a certain amount of time to cure, and as unorganized as I can sometimes be, I have learnt very quickly that I need to be one step ahead of the seasons in this line of business. So as I mentioned, I took myself off to begin making and curing soap for the next season....... shhhhh..... winter.

I have to tell you I am overly excited about this one and am looking forward to being able to roll it out around the beginning of November. I know, I know...... it took me a while to realize (when I moved here from jolly ol' England) that a lot of Americans don't look to Christmas and winter holidays until after Thanksgiving, but come on surely some of you take sneak peeks before then. Well let me tell you we have some amazing new fragrances coming out and as I prepare them now, I also look forward to unveiling them at the beginning of November.

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