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Garden Update & British Slang

There is no better word to use than a good old British slang for what our garden produced (in me) today.

From disastrous seedlings to fat and happy ground hogs, we have brought you on our gardening journey with us. I was hopeful that this year would be the year that I could lay my gardening envy to rest and supply our family with an abundance of fresh veggies from our own delightfully, successful garden. Alas, my dream was not to be. Fat and happy ground hogs helped themselves to our seedlings and the first fruits (or vegetables) of our labor. We did manage to salvage Swish Chard (of all things) and have dehydrated some for later use. Our tomatoes look promising we've had a handful of red cherry tomatoes, but most are still very green, and our potato hills.... well, we'll see as we come to uncover them in the weeks ahead.

Today, however, was a different matter. We set the day aside to harvest our corn. We were all set. The corn was picked, the jars were ready, and as we patiently set to husking the corn, we decided to cook a couple up for lunch!!!!! Yuck, it was yuck! Did I cook it too long???? No, and here is where I interject a little British slang for you that we used to use as kids! ' Wolly, what a complete and utter wolly I am'. For some reason, I thought that when corn was ready to pick - you could pick it and leave some for later. A kind of pick it as you need it kind of thing. So, we left it on the stalk until I had a day that we could dedicate to; harvest, shucking, and canning the corn! Yuck, did I say, yuck!!! We had left the corn on the stalk too long, the kernels of delightfully sweet corn had all turned to chunky, chewy kernels of starch! There is no better word for how I felt today but like a complete and total 'wolly' (definition: lacking the intelligence to complete a task without the help of another)!!!

My husband promises me that he is going to salvage it, dry it out and keep it for seed corn and make cornmeal with it! I must admit to being slightly skeptical of this happening, but we'll see! The best laid plans of man!

I must admit that our garden has not quite been what I had hoped for this year, but nothing is ever wasted and we have learned a lot - mostly what not to do! However, still we have learned. I'm choosing to think this way rather than think about all the time, money and sweat equity we have invested!!! I kind of find the animal side of our farm a lot more rewarding (most of the time).

Well, I hope that if you have enjoyed a garden this year, that it has been a lot more productive than ours and that you are one of those gardens I enviously drive by!

Enjoy the first tastes of fall and the colors to come.


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