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Iced Coffee is Great for the Garden

Iced coffee and I don't really mix well, but let me tell you my garden loves iced coffee. You see yesterday I had some unexpected running around to do and had to bring our two youngest children along for the ride. To brighten up the afternoon we stopped for a nice cool iced beverage. Needles to say, I found myself wide awake this morning at 3.30am! By about 4.30 I could here the world around me beginning to awaken for the day. From my open window the birds were welcoming the new day, and well, I just couldn't resist.

It's a beautiful time of day, peaceful, quiet, cool, did I say.... cool. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. By seven am, I had planted onions (late I know, but better late than never), and transplanted cucumbers, several melons, and weeded. I must admit that I could be tempted to get up early each morning. It gives me a little time to myself, before the rest of the house awakens and hits the ground running for the day. It allows me to get some work done in the garden before the heat of the day hits.

I am so very excited by all the progress that I see in the garden, however small it may be. I've never been very successful, and even maintaining our house plants has proven a challenge. However, after keeping some plants alive for the last couple of years, I felt we were ready for the challenge. I can't believe how excited I am to see things growing that we have started from seed. Here's a sneak peek at what is growing .....

This one was really ready to be transplanted and was trying to reach for the stars....

I am so very thankful to my husband and younger son, who worked so diligently this week to fence in our garden. Hopefully, this means my empathy with Mr. McGregor will subside, and I can once again love the furry rabbits that are no longer able to merrily munch on our plants! I'm really hoping that all this hard work pays off and we get the enjoyment of eating the fruits of our labor!

I must admit that I am very excited!

We'll keep you posted, and here's to hoping that the excitement carries us through the hours of weeding and harvesting still to come.

Have a great weekend from us all here at Farm On The Hill

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