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Lemongrass in Winter

As I sit here having just finished making a fresh batch of Lemongrass lotion, I can't help but smile. It's kind of like that.... the smell of lemongrass. As I work away to fill bottles and the fresh scent lingers in the air, I'm drawn to the beautiful landscape outside my window. The tall pines trees dusted with the fresh snow fall, the grass hidden under a blanket of snow, and as much as I didn't think it would, the subtle smell of the lemongrass lingering in the air seems to fit. It's fresh, just like the clean white snow outside, it awakens your senses, makes you feel alive. Winter can have a tendency to pull us down, the somewhat dreary days, the endless cold, and the dormancy of the vegetation around us.

Originally when we made the lemongrass lotion and soap, my thought was to offer it in the summer and remove it over the fall and winter months. You see in the summer it was a hit as lemongrass has been known to help deter bugs. It became a staple to some of our local sports mums as they stood on the sidelines of their childrens' sports fields. We heard great reviews of a more natural way to keep the bugs at bay. Then we began, via our website, to sell to places like California, Florida, etc. and well it just seemed right that lemongrass become a staple.

Today as I settle into a snowy, cold day here in WNY I'm thankful for the opportunity to be able to do what I do. I'm thankful for finding the great properties of goat milk for my own skin and being able to share that with others. I'm thankful that this winter I don't have to suffer from dry cracked skin as I have done in previous years.

I'm enjoying that lingering fragrance of Lemongrass, now slightly mixed with Blackberry & Sage, as that too was on the list to make today.

I'm often asked what my favorite fragrance is in our goat milk range. Well, I have to be honest it depends on the day. As you've probably already guessed I love the subtle yet fresh scent of lemongrass. However, let me tell you about the beautiful, calming, and relaxing fragrance of our Winter's Eve. It is a fragrance all of its own and has been a huge hit so far this season. Then of course there is our ever popular Blackberry & Sage. Let's not forget the Urban Legend for men... that I also really enjoy!

So as I sit here having made some batches of lotion and contemplating starting a few batches of soap, let me encourage you to maybe try a fragrance you haven't yet tried. You will, I'm sure, be pleasantly surprised. Also don't forget if you know someone with skin sensitivities, or someone with psoriasis or eczema, point them in the direction of Farm On The Hill Hume and share some of this with them.

Have a great week.

All our best, Annabel & Crew at Farm On the Hill Hume

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1 Comment

Lori Mould Lamb
Lori Mould Lamb
Jan 07, 2022

I absolutely love the Lemongrass lotion! My skin feels so nourished when I use it. And, I'm looking forward to using it in the Spring and Summer to keep the mosquitos at bay!!

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