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LO-COST Shipping:

Farm on the Hill, Hume,

Introducing our LO-COST Shipping:

At the beginning of 2023 USPS Priority Mail withdrew their Regional Flat Rate Boxes A & B. This meant our shipping costs would rise.

As we are, mainly, an on line store, we rely heavily on the use of USPS for our shipping, to meet our orders, we will continue to use USPS Priority Mail.

We also understand, that in these times of rising costs, people are looking for ways of making savings, to their outlay.

We have, therefore, decided to introduce our new pricing, called LO-COST, which will benefit those living within 1,000 miles of the farm.

You should now see an overall reduction in shipping costs compared with previously, as we absorb some of the cost of shipping.

Also, we have introduced an incremental sliding scale which reduces the shipping cost, dependant on the amount, of large lotions, you purchase.

For Zones 1-4 the cost of shipping now varies between $8.00 down to zero.

For Zone 5 the costs vary between $10.00 down to $6.50.

We hope you enjoy these new prices, and look forward to receiving your orders.

Unfortunately, due to the nature of the product we sell, it being relatively heavy, we are not able to offer this decreasing sliding scale to those further afield, in Zones 6 to 8.

We have, however, managed to reduce shipping costs down to between $10.00 and a maximum of $24.00.

David R Atkinson.

19th March 2023.

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