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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Well, this has to be a first for me. It is midnight, Christmas Eve, or is it officially Christmas morning? The presents are wrapped and awaiting the children to be asleep so that we can place them under the tree. Now I get to do what I've always wanted to on Christmas Eve, sit, admire our rather wonky, full of character Christmas tree, and reflect on the true and real reason of Christmas.

I love Christmas and for those of you that know me well you will have heard me say so several times. You see I'm a fairy tale lover at heart, a happily ever after, sappy Christmas movie, tea drinking, loving girl. Christmas to me is a time of warmth, laughter, love and lights.... oh the Christmas lights, but it's more than that. All the things I love seem to shine brighter at Christmas time. People are nicer out in the stores (well unless you find yourself out on Christmas Eve and there's only one of the item left that you need and several people in search of it!), the lights seem to glow brighter around people's homes, and the love is a little stronger. You can almost believe that all is right with the world.

As a lot of us have already coped with so much over the last year or so, we hope and pray that this note finds you well this Christmas Eve/Day. May you find time in the busyness of the season to really reflect on what it is, Whom it is that we are truly celebrating. To know that this road, however long, however rocky, or narrow it may seem, was never meant to be walked alone. May you find time in your day to truly reflect on the One who loves you beyond measure and who knows you by name.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Annabel, Dan and the crew.

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