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Pickles to Wood Piles and Everything in Between

'Pickles', I hear you say, 'at last gardening success at the newly established Farm On The Hill garden', but alas, I'd be wrong to let you believe that our once flourishing cucumber plants had thrived, and grown tremendously enough to provide us with mass amounts of cucumbers. No, our neighbors, the ever-intrusive ground hogs have continued to enjoy the remains of our cucumber plants, while we have decided to shop local this year and support our local produce farmers. So that is what this week on the farm has entailed, beautiful jars of dill pickles and bread and butter pickles to adorn our basement shelves, so that we can reminisce about warmer weather as we get buffeted by wind and snow in the winter months.

It's a funny time of year here on the farm. We are in the throws of summer and the fun that that brings, swimming in the local lake, dinners on the back patio, catching frogs, and other unsuspecting critters, and yet there is a sense of having one foot in the next season all ready. You see we are canning things for winter, sourcing hay for the animals and of course the ever-important wood pile to see us through till the spring.

One foot in summer, one foot in fall and one foot in winter, no hold on that doesn't add up. We really are not three footed farmers, but you catch my drift. There is certainly nothing like stacking wood in 80+ degree weather to get your heart pumping. I really think we may be onto something here to offer up our lifestyle to people rather than paying for a gym membership. Come work out on the farm, stacking wood, throwing hay bales, chasing escapee animals (thankfully we don't have too many of those), all while enjoying the beautiful countryside and fresh air! Mmmmm, maybe we could get an extra enclosure cleaned out in there too!!!

Today was one of those days to catch up on some things and enjoy the summer while smelling the fall! Soap was made this morning and this afternoon had us making up a couple of batches of our wonderful new fall fragrances. You'll have to keep an eye on our blogs for when that will be added to our website and local retail stores. We'll keep you posted, and you may just want to become a member of our site to get all the info sent directly to you via email and any promotions we may be offering in the months to come.

I'm trying to steal the moments of summer, before it's too late. Enjoy the laughter at the lakeside, the talks around the dinner table as the sun slowly descends for the night, the animals enjoying their pasture. SallyMae and Genevieve loudly chatting away trying to ask us why it's not quite their dinner time yet. Ahhh the sounds of summer on the farm.

Don't forget to become a site member so that we can let you know when our new fragrances hit the shelf.

Have a great weekend and we'll be back again next week.

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