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Spring is in the Air

Well, spring was definitely in the air there for a couple of days, before someone decided to shake the snow globe, and we are again covered in fluffy white snow.

I love spring, I love getting up in the morning as everything is just waking up, to hear the birds singing their songs from the treetops. Heading over to the barn to where the goats are happily munching on their hay. I take an extra moment in the morning to breathe deep, listen to the sights and sounds outside, and really just take in the changing of the seasons.

It is coming, the days are longer, the robins are back, and our goats are kidding. All signs that spring is well on its way, and so we are beginning to think spring with our fragrances too. We have two beautiful spring fragrances available in both our lotions and soaps.

Lilac Cottage, is a beautiful fragrance and every time I use the soap or smell the lotion it sends me right there, to an English cottage. I can picture it in my mind ...... a beautiful white cottage with an old fashioned thatched roof, a small walled garden encompassing wild-flowers full of color and the scents of spring. Lilac Cottage is definitely the scent of spring, fresh, and beautiful.

Cherry Blossom .... As we await the buds on the trees and more signs of spring, Cherry Blossom is one of those delightful fragrances. Taking us right to the start of spring. The buds on the trees, the birds returning from their migration, the promises of warmer, longer days to come.

These are two fragrances, in both our lotions and soaps, that you are not going to want to miss.

We will also be posting more videos of our goat kids as kidding season really kicks in here on the farm.

I look forward to some new projects this spring and hope that you will join us on these journeys as we blog some of our new endeavors. As with everything we have learned and are learning as we do life on the farm, some endeavors work and are worthwhile, some we try and decide it's just not for us. We try not to candy coat our life and invite you on these journeys with us. Some will have great outcomes, some maybe not, but isn't that life. I say all this because the journey we will take this spring is a new one for me and one that I have not been so good at in the past! Have I piqued your interest? We'll keep you posted!

Have a great weekend, and don't forget spring is just around the corner - I'm sure of it.


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