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Spring on the Farm

I can smell it in the air as I wander across to the barn in the morning, milking pale swinging in hand, birds singing in the trees, and the turkey toms showing off their plumage, spring is finally here in WNY. The grass is turning from its winter brown to the lush green of spring, the driveway and pathway to the barn have taken on their muddy patches, and our ever-worn wellies have donned the spring mud with pride.

Our beautiful baby kids are growing day by day and love to run with their mothers to the back pasture during the day and delightfully skip back to the safety of the barn at night. I love to see them merrily hop, skip, and jump in the pastures, it makes all the hard work worth it.

Kevin, Sonny, & Curby our new wee piggies are settling in well. Due to the ever- increasing mud we are waiting to put in one more piece of fencing before they too can run free and enjoy pasture life. Kevin, the most outgoing of the bunch definitely thinks he is a lap dog and although they all enjoy a belly rub or too, he definitely seems to be most fond of human cuddles. When we head over to the barn in the morning and peer in at the piglets they eagerly look up at us, I am sure Curby even has a smile on his face. There's something about this breed...... we'll keep you posted as we get better acquainted. It's hasn't even been a week but they have already won a spot in our hearts.

As the animals are settling into spring life on the farm, and we wait, with the patience of watching a kettle boil, for our seedlings to sprout, we are also gearing up for the coming farmers' market season and look forward to sharing with you all where we will be. In the mean-time you can peruse our spring line in our shop, where you will find our beautifully fragranced Lilac and Cherry Blossom goat milk soaps and lotions as well as many other fragrances.

Thank you for following our farm life. We'll keep you posted on seedlings, piglets, goats, and more.

Sending you all the warmest of wishes this Easter weekend.


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