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The Battle is Real, Mr. McGregor...

What a title, 'The Battle is Real', but it really is. The battle against feathered and furry friends (or maybe enemies), that are absolutely adamant that our vegetable plants are their dinner. Honestly, stalks.... that's what we were left with. All the leaves merrily munched away by a, what I can only presume to be, rather hungry rabbit, or given the state of our garden, maybe a whole family of hungry rabbits. I think, although don't tell my children, I may have a growing empathy with Mr. McGregor. Come on now, tell me you've read the childrens' books, or at least seen the Peter Rabbit movie? I'm sure as a child I never sided with Mr. McGregor, but having watched all our hard work be eaten practically in one night, let me tell you mean Mr. McGregor isn't looking quite so mean right now. I mean, don't get me wrong, I haven't been seen chasing the rabbits around the vegetable patch with a raised garden rake in my hand... at least not yet anyway. We have, however, waged war in a totally different way. My husband (bless his heart in this heat) and our youngest son, have been hard at work putting a new fence around our garden. We aren't quite there yet, but here's some photos for you...

I think our furry critters are being rather picky at the moment as some aspects of the garden continue to grow undisturbed. Corn seems to not be on the menu at the moment, so hopefully we will be able to harvest some of the fruits, or vegetables of our labor. Here in the States the saying is, 'knee high by the Fourth of July'. I'm hopeful on this one

We just planted a potato patch today. I know we are dreadfully late, but unfortunately, I hurt my back pretty bad and that delayed things getting done around the farm. Better late than never. We'll keep you updated on the progress..... I don't think rabbits like raw potatoes.

Well, having brought you up-to-date on the vegetable patch, it's only right that I leave you with a couple of candid shots of the animals on the farm. All of whom are doing well and loving the warmer days. The goats continue to bring us our wonderfully rich goat milk, that continues to keep us well supplied with all of our moisturizing goat milk skin care products. The pigs, of course, continue on their daily routine of being full of cuteness and the chickens, well they are doing a good job of keeping us stocked with farm fresh eggs.

We hope you enjoy our photos and that the beginning of summer finds you all well.

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