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The Homestead Life Waits for No-one

The homestead life waits for no-one and today proved that like no other. Following a weekend of being down and out for the count (and it takes a lot to fell me), and being up since 4am this morning, I had promised myself a more relaxed, laid-back kind of day.

However, for those of you that homestead along with us, you'll already know that farming doesn't take into account the day before, just the day ahead of you.

Today found us; doing our usual Monday cleaning, taking our every ambitious three dogs for a walk, moving wood before the next load arrives on Wednesday, and then receiving a call to say that there's hay on the wagon in the field ready tonight! Off to the barn we went, barn gloves in hand, to move the 80+ bales we had already received to the middle section to make way for the new wagon load. Little did I know the one wagon load turned into 2 and 1/2 wagon loads. It is now late, and we are finally relaxing for the day, having moved over 300 bales of hay.

I could dwell on the fact that today was supposed to be a quiet, restful day to recoup. Or I could see it for what it was. Our family worked together as a team, we laughed when we could have cried, we danced when we could have flopped (music definitely makes moving hay way better!), and we pulled together like family does. Most importantly we made memories. It's not every day you get to lie on the hay loft floor (because at this point you really don't care how dirty you are) staring up at the old barn wood ceiling, watching moths linger in the light of the lamp. Lying there with your youngest daughter, talking about life and watching for bats. It's not every day, as you wait for the next hay wagon to arrive, that you get to stare up at the star dotted sky and listen to the sounds of summer. It's not every day that you get to dance like a goof because, well if you don't you might just cry! I got to see our youngest & eldest sons, haul hay like a champ and our youngest pouring drinks to keep everyone refreshed.

We may have snuck a few moments along the way.., but let me preface this with the fact that we had hauled a lot at this point!!!

The Homestead life really does wait for no-one, and some people ask us why we choose this life. For moments like these, when you'd rather just be done, but you muster a strength from somewhere within and see your family come together. Making memories, of talking about life and star gazing. There's so much more that we can be thankful for but to be honest with you I'm tired and well, that will just have to wait. Infact, we tried a new fun recipe that you can enjoy with your whole family around the campfire! That too we will share, but you're going to have to wait for that one, for my bed is calling and I'm hoping I'm there till after 4am!

PS. my husband was there for every bale, having worked a long day himself. He was just behind the camera for most of the shots! We love you, Mr. B.

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