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Time alone with 10 kids!

'Time alone', the words rang in my ears like a clanging drum reverberating from the mountains. It sent me into a frenzy. 'Time alone', as our four children got ready to head out and do some shopping together. No, they didn't need me to come along, I could stay home. Stay home..... alone..... I couldn't quite grasp the concept. My mind began to whirl as a plethora of options sped through my thought pattern. I was almost hindered motionless at the sheer thought of everything I could get done.... or couldn't get done. Do I sit and enjoy the sunshine with a good book and a cuppa? Do I tackle an unfinished project? Do I make more soap??? The options were endless. Any other Mums, or Dads out there feel the same way when they suddenly find themselves with uninterrupted time..... alone?

I took some much-needed time to start on a rather complex puzzle. Those of you with a large family and no dishwasher may be able to relate to the puzzle picture here! How many pieces can you fit together without it all coming crashing down.

Next, I decided to take some time for self-care. This invovled.....

Some time communing with our ten four-legged kids! Of course, Virginia is always up for some love and came right over to visit. So, within 15 minutes I've mastered a puzzle taken time for some self-care. Now what?

Well self-care isn't complete without some farm gym time....

I first tackled 100+ free weights.

Followed by some....

Good old cardio time!!!

I decided I'd rather be outside.

Last year we tried to put our hand to gardening. Some things were successful, some things would have been more successful had we not made several rookie mistakes. However, not being one to be easily put off, I'm back at it again this year. Clearing away the debris from last year's attempt in the hopes of having a more successful garden this year! I've read a couple of articles on how to keep the ground hogs out of your garden. I think pinwheels and Epsom salts are going to become my new best friend this year as I try fearlessly to guard our garden plot. If all else fails, you may find some new blog posts on how; to build an outdoor shelter and live off the land, as I camp out in our budding vegetable plot to keep the groundhogs at bay!

One thing I realize, as we continue on our hobby farm journey, is that some things you feel like you conquer in a day, others you spend a lifetime trying to master. However, really when it comes down to it, sometimes life just happens, and with it come mountain top high experiences and valleys lows that seemingly never end.

I'm pleased for the spring though and a little bit of 'me time' to enjoy the beauty of all that abounds outside in the place I love to call Farm On The Hill our home. Where everyday life is lived, and memories are made.

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