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To Cuddle a Goat....Goat Yoga????

Move over chiropractor goat yoga is here to stay! I get it now, as I trudged across to the barn this morning, working out the kinks in my back as I went, happily expectant of rambunctious baby goat greetings, and pecks from Mama Chicks. I was greeted by the joyous shenanigans of Monti, Cherry, Georgia, and Virginia as they excitedly greet each new day on the farm. Once they've been moved to their new enclosure for the day, with access to the bright new world outside, they love to greet you with a bouncing, happy, hip, hop, and a skip right up onto your knee. If you'll let them, and you bend down enough, they will quite happily hop right onto your back. That's why I can almost understand the concept of goat yoga. Not that I am a yoga person, but I definitely am a goat person and their little hooves can do quite a number on your back, let me tell you.

It's been quite an unexpected treat having these four new arrivals on the farm this fall, and of course we have been blessed with absolutely beautiful weather for this time of year. (Although shhhh..... don't tell anyone, but I think the white stuff may be on the way.). It kind of puts an extra bounce in your step heading out to do barn chores when you know there are a couple of sweet bundles of joy eagerly awaiting your arrival. They each have their own unique personality. Take for example Cherry:

Cherry is our youngest daughter's, newly acquired doeling. She chose Cherry because she absolutely adored her colors, her beautiful blue eyes and her personality. Cherry is full of life, wants to be around you, close to you, but is constantly seeking the next newest adventure. She will jump in your lap, give you some loving and just as quick, give a little hop, skip and a side kick and off she goes to adventure somewhere else, only to return two minutes later and start all over again.

Then there's Virginia:

Virginia would sit and cuddle for ages, in fact she quite happily snuggled down on our eldest daughter's knee and promptly fell fast asleep. I'm sure she would have stayed there for the night, except for the fact that we needed to get home for dinner! Don't get me wrong, she will race around and try to keep up with her ever loving side-kick Cherry, but she also loves to snuggle. Virginia definitely makes barn chores go a bit slower.

Cherry's brother Monti is another little character. He is already displaying some buckly charm amongst the ladies, and with his good lucks and stunning blue eyes I can see why........ He really is a handsome boy...

Last but by no means least, is our sweet little Georgia, seen here climbing on some wood with Monti. Georgia is of a quieter nature, seeming to like being close to Mum, although again when the mood strikes, she can be seen racing around with the best of them. She has some beautiful white moon spots on a mainly black coat, and again has beautiful blue eyes.

You can see why our trips to the barn take so long these days. It is almost impossible to not stop for some baby goat cuteness, and well, if your back is feeling just a tad bit tight, you may even want to add in a little goat yoga to the mix.

We hope you have enjoyed meeting the newest members on the farm, and don't forget some of the wonderful products we have available from the farm can be found on our shop here. So, stop on over and get a jump start on your Christmas shopping....

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