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With bated breath....

I wait for it with bated breath, the pastures still brown and dowdy, the trees still bare. It seems that winter hangs on here in WNY. Then all of a sudden before you know it..... spring arrives. Our youngest daughter asked me just the other day, 'Mum, why does winter seem so long, and yet summer goes so fast?' I didn't have an answer for her, because if the truth be told I feel the same way. When we first moved into our beautiful piece of farmland here in the hills it seemed like every year, I missed spring, and we jumped straight from winter into summer. This winter (has had its moments) but truly it hasn't been bad at all. As the children and I trekked across to the barn each morning I kept an eye on the pastures, waiting for the lushness of the green grass to return. I eagerly lifted my eyes up to the old maple tree in our front yard, begging it to start to bud. Then just like that the pastures once dull and lifeless seemed to spring to life with fresh green grass. The tall maple that threatens to lose more of its old limbs each windstorm, began to show signs of buds and then the beginnings of leaves. I make a point of stopping to drink it in, knowing that the passing of one season can mean only one thing, the beginning of another.

Spring is one of my most favorite seasons on the farm. I don't always appreciate the soaring and dipping of the temperatures... the mud that cakes everything from our big shaggy dog to the bottoms of our wellies, but it means kidding season is here and that in itself is enough to put a smile on anyone's face. Kidding season has already been and is now finished for us here at Farm On The Hill. It has brought with it an ever increasingly difficult time for us to do barn chores quickly and efficiently to be able to get on with the rest of our day. Gone are the days of popping over in the morning to run through barn chores and come on home..... no, now we finish barn chores quickly and go and sit in the goat pen with the does and their kids. There is nothing quite like goat kid snuggles to get your day started off right.

Our Kune Kune pigs are enjoying the spring days and we are happy to announce that we are expecting piglets in about July. We have thoroughly enjoyed introducing this breed of pig to our farm. They are so very social and just a joy to have around. They love to have their bellies rubbed and will follow you anywhere for a treat. SallyMae (pictured left) and Genevieve are enjoying being able to cruise around the pasture and nibble on the grass that is beginning to grow.

Our Tom Turkeys, having spent the past several weeks displaying for the hens, have come to a complete stop as our ladies have taken themselves off. All of a sudden one by one they have disappeared. Finding a spot to claim as their own. They have fashioned for themselves a nest and are ardently sitting, incubating eggs. We will have to see how successful they will be, as first time Mums you never can quite tell what will happen, but it will be fun to have some more baby turkeys this year.

Well, that is just about all of our news from on the farm, except to let you know that we have a totally new and different item that will be appearing in our farm shop here online very soon! Keep watching for more details. We are sure you are going to love them! (And no, it's not our baby goats!)

Have a great week and thanks again for all your love and support of our family farm.

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